Mannetta Tucker Bio

Mannetta Tucker, Vice Presidentgraduated summa cum laude from Bryan College, in Dayton, Tennessee, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational and Business Management. She began college in 1976 at Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee but was not able to complete her four-year degree until 2009. As disappointing as this may have been for her family and herself at the time, being a more recent graduate helps in the fact that her knowledge base is more current and applicable to today’s’ global market and challenges. 
Mannetta Tucker is a local example of someone taking a chance on a woman whom an employer could see potential in. Gemtron Corporation, headquartered in Sweetwater, Tennessee gave her that chance in 1984. She began her employment as the receptionist but as everyone soon learned, that was not where she was going to remain. With no degree though and one year of college, she felt fortunate to be hired on with such a stable, reputable firm. From her position as receptionist Mannetta read voraciously every document she was asked to type and learned all she could about the fabricated glass industry. From receptionist she was promoted into the Customers Service department and then later into Sales and Marketing. Twenty eight years later Mannetta Tucker has risen through the ranks and now serves as the Sales Manager and Project Manager for SCHOTT Gemtron, Sweetwater facility. Gemtron was acquired by a global glass firm in 2000 and now the need for a degree is even more vital. SCHOTT Gemtron is no longer hiring salaried employees without a minimum of a two year degree and the preference is at least a four year degree.
Mannetta is trained in SAP software and served as a key user for the Sales and Distribution module for SCHOTT Gemtron. She is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie 12 week Leadership Training course. She is proficient in many computer programs including: Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Mapics computer software, AS-400 software and Lotus Notes.
LifeSigns was exactly what Mannetta had been searching for, as an empty-nester, she was searching for a group in which she could offer her skills to teach men and women the necessity of good self-esteem, the basic skills of working in an office environment, as well as computer skills and common-sense life skills. She teaches women they are strong and are usually excellent multi-taskers. And just as important she realizes men are also in need of guidance in a world where thier roles are ever evolving, and how they see themselves is critical to healthy relationships. Women should be empowered to their own job, teaching them survival skills offers them the ability to choose a partner based on healthy choices, not because they have no other alternatives. Men in today's world struggle in their own ways to find the right path, often never gaining a true understanding of their own talents. LifeSigns programs offer guidance, preparation and support.
Mannetta lives with her husband Monte in Niota, Tennessee. Her two adult sons now live in Knoxville, Tennessee.