We LOVE Volunteers!




Volunteerism is many faceted. Being part of the LifeSigns program can be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done.  Volunteer! Become a part of the LifeSigns family! LifeSigns relies on a core of volunteers to help support its mission and day to day operations. There are numerous opportunities for the community to volunteer that varies in interests, time and commitment level.

Be A Mentor

LifeSigns goal is to provide a mentor to each man and women, a person walking beside them for support and encouragement as they take the necessary but sometimes scary steps on their road to success.

Literacy Volunteer

Be a tutor for our literacy program A.B.L.E. –Adult Basic Literacy Education or help someone study for the GED test.  The will never forget you or you them.


Administrative Support

Administrative support for our programs is critical or an extra set of hands at a special event can make all the difference and if you thrive on the thrill of community functions throughout the year come see us. Contact us we have plenty of things going on every day at LifeSigns! LifeSigns hosts an annual event each year in the Fall, to raise financial support and awareness for the organization. The event is supported by local media and businesses providing mass public outreach attracting people from all walks of life.


Transportation Volunteer

Well, if you are the sort that doesn’t like staying in one place.  A Transportation Volunteer opportunity might be the ticket for you! Many individuals in our programs lack the necessary transportation to get to medical appointments or maybe just down the street to the grocery store, they might need just a ride to the store and back, some might need a ride so that they might volunteer at LifeSigns. If you have a good driving record, proper insurance and a reliable vehicle this is a job for you.


Guest Teacher or Speaker

Have you always wanted to teach? Or do you have something to share about your life and career. Maybe you have more to offer than you think. Some of our teachers and speakers have faced career change, addiction, death of a loved one or reinvented themselves to become what they are today. Share your story where it can do the most for some one.


Volunteer Big - Corporate Teams

Are you part of an organization or business that gathers employees together to help organizations? If so, LifeSigns has plenty of projects needing groups of people to help them complete. Last year alone we built a small café, several office spaces and an area for our wash n’ fold business.


Volunteer your business savvy

Should you own or be a part of a businesses or organization that would like to become involved by offering your services please contact us.  We look forward to discussing a potential collaboration so together we can change lives!