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Transforming Indian Healthcare Patient Care

LifeSigns is a pioneering force in the Indian Healthcare Industry, transforming the way in which patients are monitored – before hospitalization, in-hospital & post discharge. We achieve this by leveraging the latest advances in semiconductors & SoC, Networking, Wireless, Cloud Computing & Analytics.
Our clinical grade Biosensors & the widely acclaimed LifeSignsiMS software platform is ushering the patient monitoring from an analogue, manual activity into a digital, wireless & automated activity. With a powerful Alert engine, the system is a step into the future, made possible today.

Our Mission

LifeSigns is committed to helping the Clinicians & Nursing Staff deliver improved clinical outcomes. We do this by employing cutting edge technologies & complex biomedical and software engineering tools & techniques to deliver LifeSignsiMS platform that automates & simplifies patient monitoring, no matter where the patients or their Clinical caregivers are located.

Our Vision

At our core, we are a Medical IoT solutions company. Patient Monitoring is the first challenge in the healthcare system that we are addressing. We have a plethora of other compelling & innovative technology offerings that combine semiconductors, hardware, software, analytics & ML/AI to address everything from Population Screening, Rapid Diagnostics & Remote Diagnostics. The future of Healthcare is wireless & digital and we will lead the industry in bringing forth technology solutions for improved outcomes across the board.

How do we describe the need for LifeSigns iMS?


95% of hospital beds in India are only minimally monitored with manual spot checks by nurses who are already understaffed and overburdened.


Lifesigns iMSprovides a new option: a better way to provide patient care both inside and outside of the hospital.


With Lifesigns iMS, we empower all health workers to do their best work: individuals, teams, and organizations.

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