Intelligent Wireless Patient Monitoring

LifeSigns’ Intelligent Monitoring System can monitor multiple parameters of several patients continuously.
21 US Patents and Accreditations Worldwide

“LifesignsiMS is an end-to-end continuous wireless digital patient monitoring system with a robust alert mechanism accessible anywhere, anytime.” 

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What Differentiates LifeSignsiMS ?


View Patient Data from anywhere in the world

LifeSignsiMS opens up a world of freedom from location. Whether the doctor is in the hospital or at home or in another city, patient vitals – both real time & historical are available at your fingertips.


Avoidance of Code Blues

The comprehensive set of monitoring parameters, combined with a robust alert engine, results in avoiding code blues, MET events & ICU readmissions.


Ambulance Monitoring

The first few minutes of data before the patient is brought to the hospital are crucial in making correct decisions for the clinicians. LifeSignsiMS wireless biosensors start transmitting the data to the hospital within seconds from the application of the biosensor & transition the data to the to hospital EHR once the patient is admitted.


Post Discharge Monitoring

LifeSignsiMS seamlessly transitions a patient from hospital to home, without any disruption to automated, multi-vital parameter monitoring. Now the hospital can keep an eye on their patients even after a patient is discharged using the same biosensors that were used for in-hospital monitoring

Designed with purpose

  • For Doctors
  • For Hospitals
  • For Nurses
Accurate, Clinical Grade multi parameter data including 2 channels of ECG gathered continuously in near real time
Both live data & historical data that can be viewed from anywhere in the world on your browser for collaborative treatment plans & 2nd opinions as needed.
Post discharge monitoring of patients who continue to need monitoring for a duration for possible adverse developments
Trend view at a glance, continuous trend plots of a patient’s progression
Alerts: The power to spot abnormalities as they occur, helps to save lives. Auto alerts via SMS, WhatsApp, & E-mail
Quickly convert regular wards into smart, digital & wirelessly monitored wards within hours
Zero Capex & No maintenance solution with managed infrastructure.
Seamless integration with Hospital’s EHR/EMR.
Significant Nursing productivity enhancements, Significantly increased nursing productivity and ability to monitor more patients efficiently.
No other monitoring solution offers insurance reimbursement.
No more manual data collection of Patient vitals. All vitals collected automatically.
Ability to set individual threshold levels for individual patients – recognizing that each patient is unique.
Automated intelligent alerts right to your palm – you will not miss any adverse condition of any patient even if you are performing other clinical tasks elsewhere.
Reduced anxiety and stress levels on the ward since all patients are constantly monitored

Transforming Patient Care

Multi-parameter Monitoring Solution

Internationally Accredited and Clinically Tested

Transform hospital wards into wireless, integrated smart wards.

Validated at over 40 Hospitals in India

This is How We’re Changing Lives

With LifesignsiMS, we have automated our processes for documenting vital signs, therefore enhancing our productivity. We want to use the recorded data to enhance the selection criteria for patients who can undergo outpatient surgery safely and to increase throughput by discharging patients more efficiently. Dr. Harish Mallapura Critical Care Medicine
This device was very useful; the recordings were satisfactory. Data was useful for patient monitoring and patient management Dr. Yogesh Kothari MBBS, DNB – Cardiology, Interventional cardiologist & Electrophysiologist, Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Bangalore
The LifeSigns wearable mobile monitoring solution has transformed the quality of care we are able to deliver on the wards by enabling us to detect signs of patient deterioration early and intervene in a timely manner Dr. N. Sridhar MD, FRCA (UK), FFICM (UK), CCST in Critical care (UK), Consultant Intensivist, Kauvery- Chennai
It will also decrease the burden on nurses in wards where ratio is 1:7-8. All the MET patients shifted from ICU can also be closely monitored in wards with same device and prevent any untoward events. It will be useful in wards especially for patients shifted from ICU/HDU who still need to be monitored for the next 24-48 hrs Dr. Anjana Consultant-HDU, Manipal Hospital Whitefield, Bangalore
This solution eliminates the exposure of high-risk patients to frontline workers as it is contactless monitoring of vitals parameters of the patients from a remote location. Hence, we can protect the frontline workers from cross contamination risks and save them from fatalities, as was the case where we lost a lot of those precious lives in the 2nd wave of covid pandemic Dr. L. Parthasarathy MD, DA, HOD and Professor, Anesthesia Department, TMGHSSH, Chennai
This solution completely eradicates the concept of multiple devices to monitor multi-vital parameters of multi patients & needs lesser investment compared to big investment requirement for setting up the conventional monitoring adapted in many of our government hospitals Dr. A. Rathinavel MS., M.Ch, Ph.D., Dean, Govt Rajaji Hospital, Madurai.
They helped us to understand the monitoring system, how it is working and the benefits of their system. The monitoring system was really good. It will be useful to monitor mobile patients Ms. Indra HDU ward incharge, Manipal Hospital Whitefield, Bangalore.
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